Favorite Songs 2017

My Top 10 (From @rangelifercrds #favsongs17)

10. Cults “Gilded Lily”

9. Mount Kimbie “SP12 Beat”
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8. The Fresh & Onlys “Wolf Lie Down”

7. Destroyer “Tinseltown Swimming In Blood”

6. This Will Destroy You “Kitchen”

5. Mount Kimbie (feat King Krule) “Blue Train Lines”

4. Four-Tet “Daughter”

3. The New Year “Recent History”

2. Destroyer “Sky’s Grey”

1. Chastity Belt “Different Now”

Favorite Songs 2017

Favorite Songs 2016

My Top 10 (From @rangelifercrds #favsongs16)

10. Mitski “A Burning Hill”

9. The Range “So”

8. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma “Love’s Refrain”

7. Ricky Eat Acid “Fucking To Songs On Radios”

6. Hinds “Warts”

5. orthodontrix “u know the feeling”

4. Tycho “Local”

3. Ricky Eat Acid “On the Floor Beneath the Cross”

2. Scammers “Death Album”

1. Nice As Fuck “Higher”

Favorite Songs 2016

Favorite Songs 2015



My Top 10 (From @rangelifercrds #favSongs15)


9. Destroyer “Times Square”

8. Mount Bank “Everything Is Glass (slow)”

7. Broshuda “NKS”

6. Jamie xx “Sleep Sound”

5. Sam Bruno “Search Party”

4. Twerps “Simple Feelings”

3. Percussions “Digital Arpeggios”

2. Nap Eyes “Dark Creedence”

1. Janelle Monae and Wondaland “Hell You Talmbout”

Shout out to Hanz Bronze, whose “S/T” debut album we released this year on Range Life

Hanz Bronze “S/T”

Favorite Songs 2015

Favorite Songs 2014


My Top 10 (From @rangelifercrds #favSongs14)

10. Teen Daze “Tokyo Winter” (Free Download via Stereogum)

9. Vogue Dots “Thunder”

8. Movement “Like Lust”

7. Future Islands “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

6. Tyrannorsaurus Dead “Local Bullies”

5. Jay Electronica “Better In Tune With The Infinite” (Free Download via Soundcloud)

4. Spoon “Inside Out”
3. Built To Spill “Jokerman” (Bob Dylan Cover)

2. Jamie XX “All Under One Roof Raving” (Free Download via Soundcloud)
1. The Range “Ed Reed Jersey”

My 2014 Favs from the Range Life fam:

Empty Moon “The Shark”

Say My Name “Satanta”

Extra Classic “A Little Rain”


Favorite Songs 2014

Favorite Songs 2013


My Top 10 (From @rangelifercrds #FavSongs13)

10. High Water “Someday” (free download)
9. Foodman “Tekuno
8. Four-Tet “Human Once Again (Grimes)” — clean download HERE
7. King Krule “Easy Easy
6. Gold Panda “Trust
5. Express Rising “Horse Opera
4.  AyGeeTee “Carry Out
3. Two by @icecoldchrissy – Jaqkquil “Sit Deep” & Coyote Clean Up “Wild 4Ever
2. Tycho “Awake
1. The Range @therangejames So many jams on his LP “Nonfiction” & EP “Seneca” can’t pick just one!

My favs from #LFK and family:

Rooftop Vigilantes “Outlet Village
Hospital Ships “Come Back to Life” (free download)
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk “Let’s Listen to Souvlaki and Make Out
Y(our) Fri(end) “Bangs
Fourth Of July “Drinking Binge” (free download)

Special shout-out to one of my all-time favorite Range Life-released tracks from this year:

1,000,000 Light Years “Sevens” (free download)


Favorite Songs 2013

Favorite Songs 2012

From @rangelifercrds #FavSongs12 posts on Twitter:

Gold Panda “Mountain”, MP3 link: Lower Frequencies
Pangea “River”, MP3 link: Ad Hoc
Evian Christ “Fuck It None Of Ya’ll Don’t Rap”, MP3 link: Ad Hoc Soundcloud
Teen Daze “Brooklyn Sunburn (Lushlife Remix)”, MP3 link: Cause Equals Time
Mungolian Jet Set “Tocatta”, MP3 link: Pitchfork
Mount Eerie “Distorted Cymbals”, MP3 link: Captain Obvious
Gold Panda “4”, MP3 link: Stereogum
Yalls “Dim Touch”, Stream link: Ad Hoc
Cloud Dog “Drift”, MP3 link: Soundcloud
Mister Lies “Dionysian”, MP3 link: Pitchfork
Porcelain Raft “Unless You Speak From Your Heart”, MP3 link: Chromewaves
Coke Weed X “Ryback”, MP3 link: Range Life
Coke Weed X “Ryback (Say My Name Remix)”, MP3 link: Range Life
And, via @RichardPrichard, Karriem Riggins “Double Trouble”, Video link: YouTube
Favorite Songs 2012

Favorite Songs 2011

A super-belated shout-out to my favs from 2011. Grab these tracks!!!
I Break Horses “Hearts”, MP3 link: Stereogum
Raleigh Moncrief “Lament for Morning”, MP3 link: Altered Zones
Okkervil River “Your Past Life as a Blast”, MP3 link: Stereogum
Scntfc “Below the White Bluffs”, MP3 link: Altered Zones
Shlohmo “Places”, MP3 link: Soundcloud
Fleet Foxes “Grown Ocean”, MP3 link: Pitchfork
Casually Here “Settle”, MP3 link: Altered Zones
Mo Kolours “Biddies”, MP3 link: Altered Zones
Cold Cave “The Great Pan Is Dead”, MP3 link: Pitchfork
Frank Ocean “Novacane”, Video link: Vimeo
Cass Mccombs “County Line”, Stream link: Soundcloud
Favorite Songs 2011