Before Our Hearts Explode!

I’ve intended, for a few years now, to create an outlet for the inspirations and observations of the creative-minded, Gen Y-leaning, information-soaked but hard to really impress cadre I feel a part of – however fragmented, by particular passion or particular place, we seem to be. I think the spindle that holds us is the desire to make the most of our lives, acutely aware of how fragile and fleeting they ultimately are. It’s this desire – and it’s attendant hunger, focus, earnestness, joy – which finally turns interior monologues into exterior ones, daydream visions into the realities of our world. So the mantra here is: if you have something you think is important to say, get it off your chest – before our hearts explode!

I haven’t blogged much before. I run a record label and do all the “news updates” but it’s not the best forum for the random and/or extensive. The blogging I have done has been about music:
“Cheese Metal: A Brief Memoir” and “Casiotone For The Painfully Alone” both posted at the terrific music blog Fuck Yeah! Go Team!. Along with music, the subjects I have in mind are American politics, especially the ascendant “Netroots”, which have so much going on but need desperately to cross over into the “cool” realm; some updated aesthetic standards to utilize as much in talking about the past as in talking about the present; artistic expression, wherever it shakes and shimmies enough to inspire attention; modern taste-making culture; the affinities and reference points that define us; what’s cool; what’s good; what’s misunderstood and could be better understood…

Better – and easier – to bite off more than we can chew. I hope this can become a decent outlet for the endless things we perceive and contemplate but neglect to share or turn into essay. And like with everything in this age of A.D.D., expect fits and starts, wild runs and utter standstills, free time and time constraints, some Badda Bing and probably plenty of Badda Boom.


Before Our Hearts Explode!

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