Favorite Songs of 2008, #1


Song: “The Shots I Drank” by Hospital Ships (“SayMyName” remix)

Song Link: Stereogum

Some songs thrill, some break your heart or make you dance or tell a truth – “The Shots I Drank” (SayMyName remix) puts the Earth slightly off axis. The first
few times I heard it I kept tilting my head, like a dog being asked a question. There’s some powerful alchemy between Jordan’s bittersweet exasperation and
SayMyName’s Rain King tinkering. Sometimes I hear it and I think of Beck telling David Letterman that drinking Absinthe made him feel like he had mercury in
his veins. Sometimes I hear it and I feel like I’m blindfolded at a carnival. When the horns kick in on the choruses the blindfold flies off and I’m at the top
of a ferris wheel looking out on the dusty-gold lights of the city at night, summer breeze, half-drunk, what a woozy and wonderful life…


Favorite Songs of 2008, #1

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