Favorite Songs of 2008, #4


(This is a series celebrating our favorite songs of 2008. No particular order. It is being cross-posted at rangeliferecords.com. If you’d like to contribute, email a song link and haiku to  zach@rangeliferecords.com.)

Song: “No Tempo” by Boo and Boo Too.

Song Link: RCRD LBL

If you haven’t heard “No Tempo” yet, here’s what happens: 1:49 of guitar chords passing like clouds in the night, 2:11 of holding on to the tail of a comet that disintegrates into another 1:12 of passing clouds. About that comet…

Ever taken a shot of adrenaline during a palm reading? Ever cliff-dived into a mirror? What’s amazing to me about “No Tempo” is how much presence there is in the momentum. Singer Barrett Emke’s voice is as taut and wailed-on and unrelenting as any of the instruments and still he manages to tell some story about shattered dreams, shifting consciousness, flipping off omens, owning your angst. In two minutes. Fuck the “Master Cleanse”.

Boo and Boo Too is a Lawrence band and one of the cool things about Lawrence is seeing your favorite musicians out on the town all the time. I saw Barrett at a show the other night and got to tell him how moved I was by “No Tempo” – how I was turning it up as loud as my speakers could go and levitating. What I didn’t mention is how, driving home from Colorado last month, late at night, in a torrential downpour, I kept playing “No Tempo” over and over like a talisman against disaster. The darker the sky – the heavier the thunder, the streakier the lightning – the more untouchable I felt in the throes of “No Tempo”.

So thanks, Boo and Boo Too, for the muscle spasms, the spine tingles, the feelings of defying danger and defying gravity. It’s not hard to imagine a world in which this song would be illegal. Turn it up – and pass it along, kids!


Favorite Songs of 2008, #4

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