Favorite Songs of 2008, #9


(This is a series celebrating our favorite songs of 2008. No particular order. It is being cross-posted at rangeliferecords.com. If you’d like to contribute, email a song link and 5 page essay to zach@rangeliferecords.com.)

Song: “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” by Starfucker

Song Link: Yellow Stereo

Live Video: HERE

Here is what I don’t understand: a band like MGMT, a couple of young, fresh, artsy/indie dudes, make a record with one catchy song and then a bunch of undercooked, over-dramatized, synth-string operatics and they blow up and, as of this writing, already have 43,000 MySpace plays today. And then a band like Starfucker, a couple of young, fresh, artsy/indie dudes, make a record with three of the catchiest songs of the year, fleshed out with still-pretty-catchy, suburban Paul’s Boutique samples and broken-hearted cooing, and they get a small, loyal following and are blowing up to the tune of 500 plays today.

Let me guess: Starfucker’s too indie?

Whatever. The masses can have their MGMT and their star-fucking. Starfucker already owns them anyway – if not in MySpace plays, then in integrity; if not by number of groupies, then by name.

I already wrote about “German Love”, the first Starfucker single I fell for this year, HERE. But the real future-pop is “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second”. It sounds like “Oh Yoko!” fast-forwarded through Beck’s “Odelay” and then fast-forwarded again through Four Tet. This is the most on-the-pulse, digitally compressed, cut-perfectly/pasted-perfectly 3 minutes in indie-rock I heard this year. It’s like they finally made a robot cry a human tear. And then the robot sings and says “All my life/ there you go/ Oh, please stay/ Just this once”. Are those feelings real? Can a robot love? Does a robot desire?

Someone should ask MGMT… ;)


Favorite Songs of 2008, #9

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