Favorite Songs of 2008, #11


(This is a series celebrating our favorite songs of 2008. No particular order. It is being cross-posted at rangeliferecords.com. If you’d like to contribute, email a song link and two tickets to Mexico to zach@rangeliferecords.com.)

Today’s post is by Brendan Hangauer, singer/songwriter for Fourth Of July.

Song: “Buriedfed” by Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.

Song Link: Chromewaves.

Video: HERE

I first heard this song at my brother Zach’s house. I was reading the FADER article about Miles and asked him if he had heard any of his music. He put on the track “Buriedfed”. What struck me was that the production and the song lyrics fit so well together, so loose and carefree,  like barely-controlled chaos. It feels like it’s about to fall apart but instead keeps building and building.

I really enjoy the renegade spirit of this song. No one these days says “fuck”, “shit”, and “goddamn” in the same song. No one sings about death using the same rhyme scheme over and over, all while trying not to laugh (and sometimes not being able to hold it in). Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson doesn’t give a shit. Plain and simple.

I recommend having some friends over, drinking a lot of beer, turning this song up as loud as possible, standing on the coffee-table and screaming along to the lyrics. It’s really fun. I’ve done it.

Brendan Hangauer

Favorite Songs of 2008, #11

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