Favorite Songs of 2008, #15


(This is a series celebrating our favorite songs of 2008. No particular order. It is being cross-posted at rangeliferecords.com. If you’d like to contribute, email a song link and scorpio horoscope to zach@rangeliferecords.com.)

1) This first of three posts is from our friend E*Rock who runs two great labels in Portland: Audio Dregs and Fryk Beat along with THIS blog.

Song: “Township Funk” by DJ Mujava

Song Link: I WAS THERE

This song came out of nowhere (thanks Nilina), from a completely remote scene, a dance single by a guy that used to live on the streets in a poor South African town and scarcely has any other songs, let alone an album that I’ve been able to find. Its this great sort of African influenced house music with dark bass synth and weird shuffley snare which isn’t very “house” at all. The elements are so few and sparse, which makes it really addictive, not to mention a breath of fresh air amongst all the cookie cutter dance tracks floating around right now.


2) Some last shout-outs from Zaguar

Song: “Lightning Song” by Blood On The Wall

Song Link: The Mobtown Shank

Cross Joan Jett with Chan Marshall and you get the bourbon-purr of Blood On The Wall’s Courtney Shanks. In “Lightning Song” the “fire-red moon” catches fire when she sings it. So Hot. And that “promised-land, where everything is green” sounds like Heaven – especially when you’re being led there by “Satan’s daughter” – or Courtney Shanks…

3) AND

Song: “Eraser” by No Age

Song Link: Stop Okay Go

Since we already know this is gonna be on the top of everybody’s lists (anyone wanna wager that “Nouns” is Pitchfork’s #1? (ed note: nope, #3 – should have known Fleet Foxes would take the cake!)), the question I want to ask is: Why? I mean, really, “Eraser” is flat-out pleasant as far as indie/punk songs go. There are no brilliant lyrics or hooks. There’s no scintillate guitar work or anything fresh sounding at all. Just solid tension/release, clanging cymbals, old-amp distortion, knee jerk melodies. But maybe the ease of “Eraser” is it’s secret. It’s like that punk energy has threaded through all of us – we all feel it – in our Culture, in our Country. And so it’s no longer as shocking as it once was. We’re conversant with it. We understand it. What’s been “erased” are the divisions within progressive culture. The popularity of this song and this band (and their t-shirts!) is some kind of proof of that. It’s punk and it’s popular, totally respected. It’s ready to be dj’d in between The Who and LCD Soundsystem. Goes down smooth. Is the Revolution really here?


Favorite Songs of 2008, #15

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