Favorite Songs of 2008, #16


This contribution comes from Patrick Hangauer, bassist for Fourth Of July and conductor of 1,000,000 Light Years.

Song: “Purple Balloon” by The Roseline

Song Link: Lawrence.com

One of the many great things about living in Lawrence, Kansas is that live music is almost constantly being played at the various bars and clubs in our small but vibrant downtown.  The scene here allows for bands to hone their chops in front of a consistent, supportive core of fans, friends and music enthusiasts.  Being a musician myself, I do my best to make it to friend’s shows and cheer them on.  The Roseline is one of the few bands whose shows I rarely miss.  Not just because they are good friends, great musicians and some of the nicest people you’ll meet, but because watching one of their shows is genuinely uplifting and always makes for a good time.  The song that always stands out to me at their shows is the track “Purple Balloon” which is on their self-released album of this year, Lust for Luster. What gets me about this track is the soaring melody at the end, hinted at throughout the song, but kicking in with such force in the last part to literally move the energy from the bottom of your feet, up your spine and finally bursting through your skull in a dreamspell of triumphant indie-alt-country melodic brilliance.  Thanks guys.


Favorite Songs of 2008, #16

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