Favorite Songs of 2009, #5

(Thanks for checking out the first week of our “Favorite Songs”series. We’ll resume on Monday. If you’d like to submit something, send a song link and whatever you want to write to zach@rangeliferecords.com. Tons more songs to shout-out, so check back next week! //Z)

Today’s “Favorite Song” contribution comes from one of our oldest friends, Hanz Bronze. His band, Hanz Bronze, plays tomorrow night at the Bishop in Bloomington, Indiana with Norman Oak and, the star of today’s shout-out, Marmoset.

Song: “Peach Cobbler” by Marmoset

Song Link: My Old Kentucky Blog

peach cobbler“, the long awaited single by Marmoset, was my favorite song of 2009 – the end of a decade of chaos in my life, but without it a very empty one because i really found myself. the first line of “peach cobbler” says, splayingly and sad, “THERE’S ENOUGH—— TROUBLE”.  but he turns it into peach cobbler. does he make it sweet? is he talking about getting nasty with the body? did he fuck things up? is it all of this? is it peach bobbler?  i dont know. this song has such a great pounding drum beat over bass and acoustic guitar. plus any song with the lyric “beautiful girl” has got to b alright. the fact that these guys are my favorite band since Pavement and the Sea and Cake with their release “florist fired” in 07 and that now they’re my friends and we’re playing a show with them tomorrow night, well, long live randomness. indianapolis is just as good a window to look out from to see the world i guess and you dont have to look far  with Marmoset because for me its all there.

–   hb

Favorite Songs of 2009, #5

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