Favorite Songs of 2009, #11

(This is our second annual “Favorite Songs”series. It’s a chance for Range Life fans, friends and family to shout-out and share some of the songs that made 2009 better, dancier, more deeply felt, more memorable and enjoyable. Songs are presented in no particular order. Submissions are welcome! Send a song link and whatever you want to write to zach@rangeliferecords.com.)

Today’s post is by Fourth Of July keyboardist/trumpeter and youngest brother Kelly Hangauer.

Song: “Marisa” by Charles Spearin

Song Link: 3AM Revelations

I was driving to Columbia, Missouri the other day with my friend Taylor and he played me this album. It blew my mind immediately.  Charles Spearin’s “Happiness Project” is exactly what I have been looking for in modern music.  I love the idea of interviewing people and using their words and thoughts and manner of speaking to create a song.  But then Charles Spearin takes it beyond by creating extremely lush and wild arrangements of piano, horns, saxophones, drums, and strings that work off the speaker’s natural rhythm and tones.

The music, to me, is provoking because in a few of the songs, the speaker has a very real and important message.  Other times, the mood is light-hearted, or in the case of “Marisa”, the message is somewhat lost, scattered, as our minds can be sometimes when put on the spot.  But the point is that the interviews/songs cover an array of messages, types of people, ways of speaking that give the album a unique feeling of diversity, unexpectedness and realness.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s an easy listen, but I believe it is a fulfilling one.  I hope you do too.

– Kelly Hangauer

Favorite Songs of 2009, #11

2 thoughts on “Favorite Songs of 2009, #11

  1. Mickey Kerr says:

    I saw/heard this music at a Do Make Say Think show a few months ago in NYC, and at the time, it made a profound impression on me — it still does. I’m so glad to see this on the list.

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