Favorite Songs of 2009, #18

(This is our second annual “Favorite Songs”series. It’s a chance for Range Life fans, friends and family to shout-out and share some of the songs that made 2009 better, dancier, more deeply felt, more memorable and enjoyable. Songs are presented in no particular order. I hope you’ve enjoyed the last few weeks of posts! Thanks to everyone who has participated. We’ll finish up Monday. -Z)

This ’09 travelogue is by designer-extraordinaire Pre Sense Form.

2009 Top 10 in Pairs

(In no particular order)

by PSF

* Feel It All AroundWashed Out

New TheoryWashed Out

“You may want to listen to ‘Feel It All Around” before you watch the video because once you see the video its very difficult not to think about it every time you hear the song …however, in this case, that’s not such a bad thing…its actually sort of awesome!”

About FaceGrizzly Bear

* Ready, AbleGrizzly Bear

“Same goes here for the ‘Ready, Able’ video…maybe one of the dopest I’ve seen in awhile… ‘About Face’ speaks for itself, maybe the best song on the album?”

Crooked LustBowerbirds

Northern LightsBowerbirds

“Just a guy and his gal making music together…and doing a mighty fine job.”

Twin of MyselfBlack Moth Super Rainbow

IntroThe xx

“The simplicity of ‘Twin of Myself’ is remarkable, but what really makes the song is the final layer of sound that creeps in right around the 2:21 mark…it makes the song lift off the ground and fly into outerspace. For ‘Intro’ envision a scene in a late 80’s movie, cross-dissolving between a slow-motion laser lit dance floor and a night drive in a black ferrari modial 8 convertible.”

Deadbeat SummerNeon Indian

Lover’s CarvingsBibio

“I wish ‘Deadbeat Summer’ would have come out in May…it would’ve made for a nice dippy after-school-special theme song for trips to the pool. ‘Lover’s Carvings’ would have been played on the ride home.”

(* Tie for Best Video of the Year 2009)

Video Links:

Washed Out / Feel It All Around

Grizzly Bear / Ready, Able

Favorite Songs of 2009, #18

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