Favorite Songs of 2009, #19

(This is our second annual “Favorite Songs”series. It’s a chance for Range Life fans, friends and family to shout-out and share some of the songs that made 2009 better, dancier, more deeply felt, more memorable and enjoyable. Songs are presented in no particular order. I hope you’ve enjoyed the last few weeks of posts! Thanks to everyone who has participated. We’ll finish up Monday. -Z)

This post is by Quincy Quartz/Bone Delouise/Tracey Trance, Lawrence experimental O.G.

Song: “Recession Vacation” by BIRD NAMES

Song Link: Really Coastal (Stream: scroll down, on the left)

chicago based ‘get high and let die’ quartet of 3 awesome dudes and rad babe drummer/master cymbalist who all sing bitchingly offer their new long play EP ‘recession vacation’ tape up for grabbin from LA based Really Coastal, some new jammers that gets em pro dubbed so they’r archival as shit and blue.  they mail em right out which is cool; not that all the badboy stoner labeleers aren’t just as with it but Really Coastal is still in the single digi’s with their catalogue so they’re eager that way which is awesome.  the song, which you can hear on their space in it’s entirety, is the opening number and title track so you know it starts off with a chill shaker.  then brubek’s classic beat dances in acoustic with the little dried beans but instead of paul desmond you get the full band chorus of their signature awesomely weird, and i hate to compare this to anything but brubek but there’s a soft place in my aural reception for early gas huffing rural pennsylvania ween style, vocals.  so now you’re holding the sony hand-held to your ear while driving because when the first verse/chorus comes in you’re on the third pass of the j in your whole being, warmed by the generosity of their reference content as a MAKE LOVE NOT WORK fuck you to everybody’s whining about how they don’t have a hustle anthem — LOVE! MUSIC!! CHILL!!!  i’m even more sorryer tho to have to reference pitch dork, as this blog’s editor in chief once referred to it,, seriously tho,,, this band is from the window citow as i said and they playd Bitch Pork fest – embracing the same weekend as tha other thing,,,, so ok pitch dork said a really nice thing about panda bear when that got best record of the year from them which was like, ‘panda bear makes everything bad disappear’ and i’ve gotta go ahead and shanghai that sentiment and extend it to the first verse/chorus of this song — the shit just disappears!  it’s awesome!!!!  in the spring bird names released ‘sings the browns’ which is a full length masterpiece of beefhearty ariel pinky chuck sheen and contains my second favourite song of this year ‘taxi cabs and bicycles’ — they are the crap, dig all the way back – just be sure to have some mary j blige goin at the same time in honor of.  one glove, all honor to the life of MJ – fly high!!

(hey lawrence *$%&*#s — go see BIRD NAMES this saturday december 19th at the Jackpot!)


Favorite Songs of 2009, #19

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