Favorite Songs of 2010, #5

(This is our 3rd annual “Favorite Songs” series. It’s a forum for Range Life friends and family to share and celebrate the songs that moved us and meant something to us in 2010. Songs are presented in no particular order. We’re posting weekdays until we’re spent, so keep checking back. Submissions are welcome! Send a song link and whatever you want to write to zach@rangeliferecords.com)

Today’s post is a Top 10 from our man E*ROCK, who runs the Portland labels Audio Dregs and Fryk Beat

“Motorcycle, I Love You” by Moon Duo
Links: Hype Machine or YouTube (Live)
One of my favorite and most listened to bands from 2010 would have to be Moon Duo. I had their Escape album on repeat for weeks. A great fuzzed out minimalist drug-rock sound with really great tones. Minimal repetitive guitar riffs over basic floor tom+tamborine rock roll beats and buried vocals along the lines of Jesus & Mary Chain doing covers of Suicide, or chopped and screwed versions of The Gories mixed with Neu.

“Balagan” by Turk Disco
Link: Plugged Not Thugged (mp3)
After my obsession with Dj Mujava’s “Township Funk” (2008) I’ve been on the search for more of this type of thing. “Township Funk” was dubbed South African Kwaito as far as genre, but any other Kawito I’ve found sounded more like African hip-hop than weird, catchy, African electro house, which eventually led me to going more Global Bass, and then finding house tracks with a more folk/Balakan/rock influence. One night I was searching youtube for “Turkish Disco” and landed on this gem of a track and also very weird video.

“FanfareOne” by Riva Starr
Link: Rcrd Lbl
Continuing my theme of strange house/folk/Balkan/rock, Riva Starr has been doing some great tracks and I loved this killer dance track with atypical latin swing, mostly I love on the horn hooks! Free download via Rrcd Lbl, great deal there. If you have favorite house tracks based on horn samples please email me.

“Neckbrace” by Ratatat
Link: YouTube
The weirdest and catchiest song on LP4; tweaked futuristic vocoder disco with string flourishes!? I can’t get tired of this song.

VRIL LP by The Dangerous Boys Club
Buy Link: Fast Weapons
I don’t actually have a copy of this record (yet), but I did go to see them live whenever possible in 2010 and was at the record release party, so I know its out!

Totaled LP by Indian Jewelry
Link: iTunes Preview
As long as were talking about experimental, dark, rock bands, I don’t have a specific song to mention here either but Indian Jewelry always come to mind. I like these guys and they had a new record in 2010 and they are ALWAYS on tour.

“Covered in Bugs (2010 Feeling without Touching 12inch version)” by Glass Candy
Link: Turntable Lab
Glass Candy gets new age with surrealistic spoken word lyrics and sax solos. Getting so weird on this one, and its great.

“Panther” by White Flight
Link: FADER (mp3)
Finally released! The most epic pop track ever about the aliens that live inside of Mount Shasta. I’m not just saying this because its Zach’s blog!

“Bed Intruder Song” by Antoine Dodson
Link: YouTube
The best viral video remix of the year; I actually bought the mp3 on iTunes after seeing this video. Really great hook!

LIl’ Wayne (I can’t even pick a particular song)
Still the best rapper of 2010. You can keep the Kanye and Drake albums. Kei$ha is embarrassing, no matter how you look at it.


Favorite Songs of 2010, #5

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