Favorite Songs of 2010, #6

(This is our 3rd annual “Favorite Songs” series. It’s a forum for Range Life friends and family to share and celebrate the songs that moved us and meant something to us in 2010. Songs are presented in no particular order. We’re posting weekdays until we’re spent, so keep checking back. Submissions are welcome! Send a song link and whatever you want to write to zach@rangeliferecords.com)

Song: “Hey Cool Kid (Memoryhouse Remix)” by Cloud Nothings

Song Link: Pitchfork

I got hooked on this Memoryhouse remix long before I listened to the original and so I heard the tone of “Hey Cool Kid” as wistfully admiring.
But, uh, no…
The Cloud Nothings original is a pissy, pithy “Positively 4th Street” – a feather-ruffling retaliation against an insufferable someone.
It’s really a marvel, then, how copacetic Memoryhouse makes things, sonically spiking the Mountain Dew with smuggled Absinthe. All that angst gets blown like hot air through a fog machine; friction meets flanger.

Thinking back to my first listens where I thought “Hey Cool Kid” was a soundtrack for cool kid glorification, I couldn’t shake the memory of some footage I’d shot one Halloween of my friend Priest.
He was dressed d.i.y. Cirque du Soleil – a mask,wig, silver bodysuit, spring-loaded stilts. Over the course of the night he revealed himself and then proceeded to put on a solo dance clinic at an after hours party. It was one of the coolest “cool kid” performances I’d ever seen, a chess-like guessing game locked in check-mate.

I wound up finding the footage and putting together a video, which you can see HERE, and sent a link to Memoryhouse.
“Thanks for the video!” they responded.  “It kind of weirded us out but it’s definitely appropriate for the track, haha.”

Favorite Songs of 2010, #6

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