Favorite Songs of 2010, #10

(This is our 3rd annual “Favorite Songs” series. It’s a forum for Range Life friends and family to share and celebrate the songs that moved us and meant something to us in 2010. Songs are presented in no particular order. We’re posting weekdays until we’re spent, so keep checking back. Submissions are welcome! Send a song link and whatever you want to write to zach@rangeliferecords.com)

Today’s list of Siren Songs comes from Radical Fortress King, Cheesus Creator (scroll to the bottom) and Fuck Yeah! Go Team! Coach, Joey Gee. (mp3’s for all tracks can be found HERE)

“Girls, girls, girls.”

No, this isn’t about the band Girls, but holy shit how good was their new ep this year? Right? Right??

Girls: the gender. Seriously, while nearly every single human being did a great job in 2010 with writing music, it seems that women (how good was the Women record?!) put out the most creative and memorable songs of the year. Without further hype or delay, here are my 5 choice lady cuts:

1) Sure, Glasser’s “Apply” had shown up on a single in 2009, but it wasn’t until this year’s full length “Ring” that the song had reached it’s full potential. It’s completely batty and just pulses throughout your body, probably giving you some sort of deadly cancer with repeated listens. Oh well, it was worth it.

2) Choosing a song from “The Waves”, Tamaryn’s debut long player, was like choosing a favourite child: I love all of those mother fuckers equally and had a great time conceiving each of them. In the end it was down to this one and “Dawning”, a song that I suggest you download anyway. “Love Fade” is the first song that really got me, and as it should’ve: it is just polarizing, and a great example of making the shoegaze sound work within the ideals of pop. I know that making music listenable sounds like a crazy concept these days, but I think it’s an idea that might take off.

3) Did you see the cover to SLEEP ∞ OVER’s single for “Outer Limits”? It’s got a fuzzy gash right on it, which is entirely badass. Looking at that (staring even) while listening to the fuzzy sugar goodness on the a-side is truly a religious experience: Amen.

4) I will tell you a secret: Beach House’s “Teen Dream” is going to be my #1 record of 2010. I’ve been saying that all year, and shockingly (or not so shockingly) it stuck. It’s because it’s a testament to the dying art of making a full album of complete quality, which in turn makes it near impossible to pluck a track from it for posting purposes. However, I did and I went with “Silver Soul” because it is just so damn catchy, like an audibly delicious-nostalgia-laced-comic-included piece of Bazooka Joe gum for 5 cents at the Cornwall Bridge video store (RIP) and I’m giving it to you for free. How big can you blow your bubble, Joe?

5) Here is the dramatic conclusion: Buffalo Moon not only crafted a classic in “Beach Boy”, but it’s the summer song to end all summer songs. Sorry 2011, but it’s gonna be tough to touch this mother fucker. It was a sunny mix tape staple and even still sounds good with the fear of snow front and center in our minds.

Thank you 2010 for these songs. While there was no “riot grrrl” or “girl power” resurgence, it doesn’t matter because it’s the 21st century and all the beautiful babies of the galaxy are on the same playing field… except in music, where the dudes got slaughtered by the opposite sex. And I thank each and every one of them for it.

Favorite Songs of 2010, #10

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