Favorite Songs of 2010, #12

(This is our 3rd annual “Favorite Songs” series. It’s a forum for Range Life friends and family to share and celebrate the songs that moved us and meant something to us in 2010. Songs are presented in no particular order. We’re posting weekdays until we’re spent, so keep checking back. Submissions are welcome! Send a song link and whatever you want to write to zach@rangeliferecords.com)

Today’s list/underground weather report is by Tracey Trance, our main man in Washington.

what i got passed and what i know of that rule(d) me: in sortof a particular order but not really too much, good for effect::

1. The Savage Young Taterbug (currently Timothy Wind) — Syrupy Evenings [cassette release on Night-People. halloween forever, a scarecrow’s endeavor. neil cassady rhapsody]

2. Ancestral Diet — VITRIOL [LP release by Turned Word & Saxwand, mems Caethua, C-Section 8, flakmask. chill industrial stone-fest!]

3. Normanoak — Elixer [cassette release on Magnetic South, to borrow a term from the bad boys at Foxy Digitalis this tape has been, of yet, ‘criminally limited’ at 50 — none of which ever made it out of the central Indiana area. some say it’s too reverby but chris, seth, and the gang cranked out anther true time-testin’ document]

4. Clear Leader — [self titled cassette (mems Crude Hill,…?) Gross Domestic Product # 008 ~ chorus on the bass and thin guitar dance 2 steps with the 1 step drums in the haunting way that it seems only providence folks can do stuff]

5. CAEN — STULSAFT [cassette release on Gutter Rash MMX… in a town in oregon there’s a dude named Gordon who is involved w lotsa noise and metal and does it as well as anyone has or will]

5.5 CONCERN — Caesarean [Lp release by Arbor Gordon.]

*** 5 and 5.5 are the chill side of Gordon’s output which is all i happen to hav copies of so far.. haven’t heard knelt rote lp yet – heard it’s scarier than a lotta stuff, also plays as Oscillating Innards]

6. Nonhorse — The Fear of Infinity [cassette release part of the HYPNO/FEAR TAPE SYSTEM by G. Lucas Crane’s Socialized Topic Logistics– silent barn hero and member of woods.. mind melter… freakazoid meditator… The Fear of Infinity!!]

7. (Expressway) DJ Yo-Yo Dieting — Bubblethug [2xLP release by Weird Forest, a noise graduate’s choppt & screwd masters thesis, classy and F’d, member of the dynamic duo Diamond Catalog]

8. Order Out of Chaos (comp.) [cassette release # 68 in the Mississippi Records tape series, packed with musicas the world over but, like, all the stript peaceful and weird versions; their well is deeeeeep and this stuff they selected for the tape (lotsa similar-veign vinyl from them now as always), no muscle only skeleton as some stuff has to be listened to on tape]

9. Meester Magpie — cassette in purple tied cloth traded for at Bitch Pork [self released chicago jammers and rippers, psychedelia sludge noise spray,, on MOSS tapes]

10. SHV / Swamp Tease / Russian Tsarlag — whatever ally and/or carlos did or are doing right now since it’s not 2011 yet.

11. JOCK TORTURE — steam soak 1991 [harsh noise, REDNECK)]

Favorite Songs of 2010, #12

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