Favorite Songs of 2010, #14

(This is our 3rd annual “Favorite Songs” series. It’s a forum for Range Life friends and family to share and celebrate the songs that moved us and meant something to us in 2010. Songs are presented in no particular order. We’re posting weekdays until we’re spent, so keep checking back. Submissions are welcome! Send a song link and whatever you want to write to zach@rangeliferecords.com)

Today’s song/video list is from CVLTS’ Gaurav Bashyakarla. Fuck YouTube embeds – these are Vimeo links!

Newest-oldest 2010 a/v discoveries:

Daytime Television“I Hurt So Much”

Back To The Future The Ride“CGI Fridays”

– The Sweethearts – “Burning Through the Night”

Forest Swords“Rattling Cage”

Oneohtrix Point Never“Ouroboros”

Favorite Songs of 2010, #14