Favorite Songs 2016

My Top 10 (From @rangelifercrds #favsongs16)

10. Mitski “A Burning Hill”

9. The Range “So”

8. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma “Love’s Refrain”

7. Ricky Eat Acid “Fucking To Songs On Radios”

6. Hinds “Warts”

5. orthodontrix “u know the feeling”

4. Tycho “Local”

3. Ricky Eat Acid “On the Floor Beneath the Cross”

2. Scammers “Death Album”

1. Nice As Fuck “Higher”

Favorite Songs 2016

Favorite Songs 2013


My Top 10 (From @rangelifercrds #FavSongs13)

10. High Water “Someday” (free download)
9. Foodman “Tekuno
8. Four-Tet “Human Once Again (Grimes)” — clean download HERE
7. King Krule “Easy Easy
6. Gold Panda “Trust
5. Express Rising “Horse Opera
4.  AyGeeTee “Carry Out
3. Two by @icecoldchrissy – Jaqkquil “Sit Deep” & Coyote Clean Up “Wild 4Ever
2. Tycho “Awake
1. The Range @therangejames So many jams on his LP “Nonfiction” & EP “Seneca” can’t pick just one!

My favs from #LFK and family:

Rooftop Vigilantes “Outlet Village
Hospital Ships “Come Back to Life” (free download)
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk “Let’s Listen to Souvlaki and Make Out
Y(our) Fri(end) “Bangs
Fourth Of July “Drinking Binge” (free download)

Special shout-out to one of my all-time favorite Range Life-released tracks from this year:

1,000,000 Light Years “Sevens” (free download)


Favorite Songs 2013